Joan Gibson


Joan went to South Africa in 2006 as her only son had retired here. She have only one elderly cousin living in the UK and she was finding it quite difficult surviving financially.

In the years 2006 to 2012 things were good – my state pension was sufficient and my living costs were relatively low. However, with the Rand regaining ground against the Pound, and the dramatic increase in food prices, electricity, and municipality charges, and my state pension remaining frozen, I find that I am feeling the pinch now.

Sadly, my son died of cancer 5 years ago – if he were still alive today he would help look after me.  I have thought of maybe returning to the UK but the exchange rate would leave me very little to buy a decent property there and at the age of 83 I may not have to struggle along for much longer anyway!!

It seems very unfair that having worked all my life and thereby obtained the full UK state pension,  I am now penalized because I decided to emigrate and live in a new, very sunny and warm country.