How the policy affects people like you

The frozen pensions policy has affected so many people from around the globe.  Click on these links to read their stories…

Geoff Amatt, who is from Abergele in Wales

Baroness Benjamin, who came to Britain from Trinidad when she was just 10

Abhik Bonnerjee, who moved to Glasgow from India in 1960

Annie Carr, who was born in Sunderland and emigrated to Australia in 1970 to join her only daughter.

Geoff Dancer and Doris DancerGeoff, who was born in the UK in 1921, met Doris, his wife of 69 years when they were both stationed at the Air Ministry Central in Leighton Buzzard at the beginning of the war

Joan Gibson, who decided to join her son in South Africa

George Gray, comes from Fife, and he helped to build the Forth Road Bridge

Robert Haley, who joined the Royal Navy at 17 in 1942 and saw almost four years’ active service during the second world war

Richard Hyde, Richard grew up in Kent and started working for the British government in 1965

Bernard Jackson, who was a D-Day war hero

Joe Lewis, who lives in Canada, and he may have to “sell the farm” and return to the UK 

Harry Penny, RAF war hero Harry Penny was shot down over Holland in 1943, successfully evaded capture for 10 weeks, and was awarded a military OBE

Anne Puckridge, a former college lecturer but, as she puts it, is “living on the breadline”

Sam Simmonds, who can still remember his National Insurance Number, even though he has spent half his life in Australia

Mrs Simpson, who moved to South Africa with her husband in 1955

John Trantom, is a decorated war veteran, who fought for Britain in the Second World War and now lives in Oakville, Canada

Vic Williams, a Cockney who fought for his country because “it was the right thing to do” 

Rita Young, who would like to join her son and grandchildren in Australia but can’t because her pension would be frozen.