Ann Puckridge (Picture courtesy of Canadian Press)
Ann Puckridge
(Picture courtesy of Canadian Press)

Born in 1924, former college lecturer,  Anne Puckridge, lived and worked in the UK all her working life, paying mandatory NI contributions throughout this time.

Anne retired in 2002 and moved to Canada to be with her daughter and her grandchildren. Due to the UK Government’s policy, Anne, who served as an intelligence officer in the Women’s Royal Navy in the Second World War, is struggling to live on the £75.50 a week rate, to which she was entitled when she moved, and she is increasingly reliant on her daughter to get by.

“It’s the small things, and the injustice, that is really getting to me. I value my independence”
“As well as ever-increasingly poverty, I feel a sense of stress and shame, which is affecting my health”