Archive – 2015

 4-Dec-15 The Telegraph: British pension is paltry – but there’s hope for those with frozen payments

29-Nov-15 Sunday Times: Expats poised to come in from the cold on frozen pensions

26-Nov-15 UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: 2016 Benefits Uprating – Ross Turner; Richard Keen

29 Sep 15 The Telegraph: Corbyn hope in frozen pensions battle

25-Sep-15 The Sunday Herald: Corbyn boost for campaign on expatriates’ frozen pensions

“People move abroad, on or before retirement, for a number of reasons to do with home, family or other factors. There is nothing wrong with that. They have paid for, have worked for and are eligible for pensions in this country and I see no reason for the pensions that they receive not to be linked to what is paid here … We should arrange for the current state pension here to apply to British pensioners wherever they happen to be, provided that they are eligible to receive it.”

– Jeremy Corbyn – Leader of the Opposition

10-Sep-15 – Dunfermline Press: Pension freeze for road bridge worker George

16-Aug-15 – The Scotsman: Drive to unfreeze pensions of Scots expats hotting up

15-Aug-15 – The Guardian: Hope for expats in UK pensions ‘lottery’

15-Aug-15 – The Guardian: Frozen pension: why I believe the rules are unfair

1-Aug-15 Eastern Eye: Pensions bias leaves Asians cold

29-Jul-15 The Telegraph: Royal Ballet help save sight of ex pat pensioner

12-May-15 The Independent: New pensions minister has massive job on her hands

“I’ll be looking at making pensions better for people. Having worked for so long as an independent expert on the outside, I’m really excited to have the opportunity to try and make a difference from the inside.”

– Dr. Ros Altmann, on being appointed Pensions Minister

10-May-15 The Telegraph: A warm welcome to the new ‘minister for personal finance’

25-Apr-15 The Commentator: Half million pensioners ignored by PM’s benefit pledge?

22-Apr-15 The Asian Today: Frozen Pensions Policy – Yasmin Qureshi – APPG Vice Chair

22-Apr-15 The Telegraph: Advocate for justice on behalf of British pensioners overseas

14-Apr-15 The Telegraph: We’ll end frozen pensions for ex-pats, says Green Party

4-Apr-15 The Voice: African and Caribbean pensioners being ‘robbed’

24-Mar-15 AOL Money: Expats to lose their state pension if they neglect paperwork

23-Mar-15 – Eastern Eye: Peers discuss proposals to partially change ‘Frozen Pensions’

14-Feb-15 – Asian Voice: Discriminating pension policy affects British Asians

12-Jan-15 – Mature Times: Join the fight to end pension discrimination

8-Jan-15 – Eastern Eye: Frozen Pension Plan economically ‘foolish’