Archive – 2014

21-Dec-14 – Sunday Times: Heat turned up on frozen overseas pensions

28-Nov-14 – Citywire Money: A fairer pension system? Not for expats with frozen pensions

10-Nov-14 – The Guardian: Lest we forget? We old soldiers whose pensions are frozen feel forgotten

28-Oct-14 – The Mail: State pension is NOT a benefit but a right, says minister in swipe at Labour plan to include it in welfare cap

25-Oct-14 – The Guardian: Floella Benjamin – frozen state pension system a double blow for minorities

25-Oct-14 – The Guardian: Spare a thought for the ‘frozen’ state pensioners

1-Oct-14 – The Telegraph: Frozen pensions for Britons abroad

16-Aug-14 – The Daily Mail: The great pensions divide

5-Aug-14 – The Independent: Government accused of misleading people choosing to retire abroad

12-Jun-14 – UK Parliamentary Briefing Note: Scotland referendum 2014: the impact of independence on pensions – Djuna Thurley

10-Jun-14 – Daily Mail: REVEALED: How 6 in 10 won’t get the full £155-a-week new flat-rate state pension they expect

6-Jun-14 – The Guardian: Right to full state pension is fresh battle for D-Day Veteran 

31-May-14 – The Times: Five reasons we must end this injustice to pensioners

22-Apr-14 – The Australian: Frozen British Pensions deliver expats into unchartered waters

13-Apr-14 – The Voice Online: Elderly Migrants Demand End To Pension Freeze

4-Apr-14 – The Independent: MPs of all parties join fight for justice for UK pensioners with frozen pensions

2-Apr-14 – The Telegraph: Expat state pensions: Cameron ‘sympathetic’ to calls for end to freezing

2-Apr-14 – The Mail Online: Retirement blow for 560,000 expats who will get a worse deal from state pension top-ups despite paying the same as UK residents

24-Mar-14The Pensioner: Frozen Assets

22-Mar-14 – The Guardian: Retiring abroad? Don’t catch a cold because of the state pension freeze

28-Feb-14 – The Telegraph: Frozen pensions force expats to come home

23-Feb-14 – The Sunday Times: Retired expats may lose £1,000 a year 

18-Feb-14 – Asian Express: Public anger at ‘hidden’ pensions policy

8-Feb-14 – The Independent: Pensions minister in yet another unpleasant u-turn

24-Jan-14 – The Independent: What made the minister change his mind about the retired Britons with frozen pensions?

17-Jan-14 – The Independent: Is it fair that some overseas pensioners receive a higher state pension than others?

10-Jan-14 – The Independent: Triple lock will leave some pensioners lagging behind