The unfair, immoral, and discriminatory “frozen” pension policy has been in existence for over 70 years. All of the pension lobby groups represented on this website are constantly trying to keep the issue in the news media, therefore this part of the website breaks news items down by year:

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16 Dec 2020

BBC Radio Today Program – Report on the findings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen British Pensions (APPG) summer 2020 Inquiry. Press play…..


29 Nov 2020

Jim Tilley (BPiA) interview by radio station 6PR882 – News Talk – “The Fight to get the UK Pension indexed” – click on the picture…



7 May 2020

BBC Radio Today Program – Interview with Inez Minc (97) from Perth, Australia and Anne Puckridge (95) from Calgary, Canada before 75th anniversary of VE Day, calling for an end to frozen pensions for WW2 veterans abroad. Press play……


2 October 2018

ABC (Newcastle) Australia

Have you lived and worked in the UK? Depending on your date of birth, you could be eligible to receive a British pension.

Earlier this year, one Hunter woman found out that she was entitled to a massive $70,000 payout from the UK for a British pension.

So how did this happen? Garth Russell spoke to Jim Tilley, the Vice-President of the British Pensioners in Australia, who explained the basis of the claim. Press play….


10 August 2018

BBC Radio 4’s Program, “You and Yours” had a segment on ‘Frozen’ Pensioners. Press play….



January 2017


Jim Tilley, British Pensions in Australia (BPiA), was recently interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Sydney. Here is the interview…..



September 2016


The Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners (CABP) had the opportunity of providing research material for CBC Vancouver immediately after the Brexit vote. Here is the interview….



Not sure of the date of this interview


This interview was between UK Radio 4, and Eva Hubble, an Australian journalist.


As you can tell from these interviews, “frozen” pensioners from around the world need your help….

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There is a significant amount of documentation that has been generated through the UK Parliament. To access these, please click on the links below:

– Parliamentary Briefing Notes on the ‘frozen’ overseas pension policy

– Early Day Motions (EDM’s) – Frozen overseas pensions