The International Consortium of British Pensioners

Chair: John Duguid

Secretary: Rachel Wooley

Treasurer: Phil Tibbles

Board Members


Garry Gordon (Australia)

Ian Andexser (Canada)

Sheila Telford (Canada)


In Memoriam

We owe a great debt of gratitude to two stalwarts of the ICBP:

John Duffy, who lived in Antigua, led the ICBP with passion and determination to see an end to the pension discrimination suffered by British pensioners all over the world. He served as Chairman from 2016 to late 2022. John also founded the British Caribbean Pensioners Association, and we are sad to see this has ceased activity since his demise in 2023.

Nigel Nelson dedicated countless hours to research and communications on behalf of CABP, and he chaired the International Consortium of British Pensioners until ill health meant he had to stand down, but he continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes until his passing in 2023. Nigel’s intellect, knowledge and passion for detailed research made him a giant in the fight for the unfreezing of pensions.