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Retirement should be all about doing the things that make life worthwhile, not walking hand in hand with poverty…..

…and not having to exist on a frozen UK State Pension……

“Every year, our government cruelly pushes hundreds of thousands of British pensioners into poverty. No pensioner should be forced to work in his or her golden years because our government has failed to uphold its end of the bargain. They’ve all contributed to the system and are entitled to the full amount owed to them – anything less is unconscionable”.

– John Duffy, ICBP Chair

Jim Tilley - Aged 83 - Long term campaigner to unfreeze our pensions

A champion of the rights of Australians for many years. His enthusiasm for our cause has been an inspiration to all of us and we will continue the campaign that he initiated because we know, thanks to Jim, this is a fight for justice.” – Patrick Edwards, President of the British Pensions in Australia (BPIA)

Robert Haley

British expats in Thailand warm to the idea of unfreezing their old age pensions

Andrew Gwynne, a UK MP stands up for Frozen British Pensioners

“This is hugely disappointing news for thousands of British pensioners in Canada and completely undermines the UK Government’s own position on these frozen pensions. “These pensioners deserve answers and that’s why I have written to the Work and Pensions Secretary. “At the very least, she needs to explain what on earth the Government is thinking, but really she needs to go further and reopen the dialogue with the Canadian Government.”

Andrew Gwynne

Most British Citizens overseas retain deep ties to the United Kingdom. Many still have family here, some will return here, others are drawing a British pension after a lifetime of hard work and some have fought for our country. Given these strong links, British expats have a right to influence decisions on foreign policy, trade and many other issues that directly affect their lives. Now we have left the EU, it is more important than ever to strengthen the UK’s ties with the British Expat Community”

– Boris Johnson, 18 February 2020

UK Government turns down Canadian Government's request for bilateral agreement......

‘disgraceful’     ‘staggering betrayal’     ‘not all pensioners are viewed equally’     ‘wash their hands of those who served their country’   ‘tried and tired excuse’     ‘turn their backs’     ‘closest and most important allies – betrayed’

‘morally wrong’     ‘scandal of frozen pensions’           

Anne Puckridge: "Ashamed to be British"



“It is cruel and unjust to deny to half a million UK pensioners overseas the full UK state pension that they paid into during their working lives. Canada has offered a potential route to ending this injustice. The UK should welcome this opportunity to right a historic wrong and ensure every pensioner receives the full state pension they are morally entitled to regardless of where they live”

– Sir Roger Gale, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for Frozen British Pensions



The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen British Pensions is pleased to announce the release of the report from its 2020 Inquiry, revealing the Governments of Canada and Australia are ready and willing to work with the UK to end the ‘frozen’ pension policy, and have been calling on the UK Government to do so for many years.

– APPG 2020 Inquiry

The report also exposes the financial impact of the ‘frozen’ pension policy on UK pensioners overseas, finding that:

  • 1 in 2 ‘frozen’ pensioners receive a UK state pension of £65 per week or less


  • Over half struggle financially because of their frozen pension


  • Almost 90% of ‘frozen’ pensioners were not informed that their pension would be frozen before they left the UK


As a result of this inquiry, the APPG recommends that the UK Government end the ‘frozen’ pension policy and seek to provide UK pensioners living in ‘frozen’ countries with their full uprated UK state pension as soon as possible.


Sir Roger Gale, MP
APPG Chair

“There is no requirement upon the Government of the United Kingdom to enter into any “reciprocal agreement” with another country before honouring its obligation to pay the full and uprated State pension to any UK citizen who has paid the requisite National Insurance contributions upon which State pensions are based. As the Chairman of the APPG on Frozen Pensions I regard it as a disgrace and a matter of national shame that the United Kingdom has for so long denied to elderly citizens, very many of whom have proudly served our country in the Armed Forces or the Civil Service, the funds that they need to live on in old age and, sadly, sometimes in ill-health. It is past time for this injustice to be addressed and the wrong of decades righted”.

David March, UK pensioner living in South Africa,

I had to sell my house 3 years ago because I could not keep up with all the rates and taxes and now I live off the money I received for the sale and badly need my British Pension to be unfrozen. Please help….

Jayne Gonzales, UK pensioner living in St Lucia,

I returned to St Lucia to care for my ailing mother after the death [of] my father, when it became clear that she could not care for herself. She too  lived and work[ed] in the UK from 1959 to 1990. Her pension was meagre to say the least. I joined my parent in 1964, I had no choice but [to return] to St Lucia in 2008 to care for my mother. With the falling £ rate it became increasingly difficult financially as mother deteriorate[d].

Anne Puckridge  outside 10 Downing St.


Chris Elmore (Lab): To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, whether the Government of Canada has made representations to the Government on negotiating a reciprocal social security agreement that covers the uprating of pensions. Guy Opperman (DWP): The Department has recently received representations from the Government of Canada to negotiate a reciprocal social security agreement covering the uprating of pensions.

Letters from Winston S Churchill in 1993 denigrating the Government’s position on Frozen Pensions

Letter from WS Churchill Junior dated 1993
Churchill letter 119192191_3407500029311400_1290562387715690808_n


Patricia Coulthard – in 1946, and now, aged 99
Patricia Coulthard – in 1946, and now, aged 99

“In your VE Day remarks, you pledged that all World War Two veterans would be remembered. On behalf of the thousands of military veterans who served our nation during times of need, I urge you to honour that promise and to end the injustice of frozen pensions without delay. Thank you for reading my message. At 99 I can’t believe I’m writing to 10 Downing St, but it’s important”


John Duffy

International Consortium of British PensionersChair: John Duffy

Bringing together parliamentary supporters of the case to unfreeze British state pensions overseas and to campaign for reform.”

BCPA, BPiA, the CABP, the ICBP and the APPG believe that all UK state pensioners – no matter where they choose to retire overseas – ought to be paid the pension that they have contributed towards and are rightfully entitled to receive. Help us fight this battle as every voice helps!